Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Tortillas are the perfect base or even accompaniment to a lot of dishes, and running out can be a complete disaster.  Or, you may have bought in bulk, and now you don’t know what to do with them. You have simply made too many, and now you don’t fancy having tortillas all week. The good news is that you can … Read More

Can You Freeze Tuna?

Tuna is probably the most popular deep-sea fish around, not just because of its flavor, but because of its meat-like texture, and its nutritional benefits.  Tuna is available as fresh, usually prepared as steaks or fillets, or canned, where it has been shredded. Because fresh tuna is quite delicate, you need to be careful how you store it, and this … Read More

Can You Freeze Tamales?

One of the staples of Mexican cuisine, tamales are wonderfully doughy dishes which have been cooked in either a corn husk or a banana leaf, which steams the delicate dish. This perfect dish can be filled with a myriad of ingredients, including fruit, vegetables, cheese, and meat.  The tamale is a very old dish, dating back as far as 100 … Read More