Can You Freeze Portobello Mushrooms?

Portobello mushrooms are great for vegans and vegetarians as they have a meaty texture that is lacking in other types of mushrooms. You could even eat one like a burger in a bun. That’s not to say that meat-eaters won’t enjoy this mushroom as well. It is very versatile. You can stuff it, use it in stews and casseroles, and … Read More

Can You Freeze Nutella?

Nutella is a delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread that can be spread on bread, toast, brioche, or croissants. Kids love it and although adults may say that they don’t like it, they could easily be secret Nutella eaters. It has a long shelf life even when opened so it is a good thing to keep in stock. However, if kept … Read More

Can You Freeze Cooked Salmon? Here’s All You Should Know

Salmon is a much-loved fish dish in many countries, particularly in the US. It is delicious and it is also healthy. Salmon is rich in protein and omega-3s all of which are good for your body.  In this article, we will be taking a look at if you can freeze cooked salmon. Perhaps there is a sale on and you … Read More

Can You Freeze Bread Pudding?

Bread pudding is a comforting and satisfying dessert, a reminder of home and good food. It’s easy to make, and thankfully, it’s not difficult to freeze. That doesn’t mean that it freezes perfectly, however.  Whether you should freeze bread pudding divides many opinions, and it’s not just based on personal preference. Exactly what changes will occur during the freezing and … Read More

Can You Freeze Sweetened Condensed Milk?

Sweetened condensed milk has many uses, and it’s a shortcut to make many tasty desserts. It’s usually made from whole milk and sugar, where the milk has very little water content left, which helps preserve it for longer. But when does it make sense to freeze it? Does it freeze well? To discover everything you need to know about freezing … Read More

Can You Freeze Ketchup?

You may not think of ketchup as something to freeze to begin with, but it’s a condiment worth freezing if it’s nearing its expiration date, and you can barely notice any difference at all in the flavor.  Most households have a bottle of ketchup sitting in the cupboard, but it’s really easy to forget to use it, all the while … Read More

Can You Freeze Cooked Quinoa?

Quinoa is a staple in many diets, though it is less widely available in some places when compared to rice or noodles.  It’s also packed full of goodness, such as high levels of iron, antioxidants, lysine, and amino acids.  Because it’s not as widely available, you may be tempted to freeze it, or you may not buy it as often … Read More

Can You Freeze Sweet Banana Peppers?

Sweet banana peppers are delicious and very popular. They are bright yellow in color and have a mild, but slightly tangy flavor. You can use them in stews and casseroles, in Mexican cookery, and simply stuffed and baked in the oven. You can use all sorts of ingredients to stuff these peppers. Perhaps go for a spicy minced meat curry … Read More

Can You Freeze Heavy Cream?

Heavy cream is fantastically useful for nearly countless reasons, both in savory and sweet dishes, from a key ingredient in sauces, to desserts. You might be worried about it going off before you can use it.  Heavy cream can transform any dish, with a lovely silky texture and a smooth, creamy taste. Is there such a thing as too much … Read More

Can You Freeze Chicken Salad?

Chicken salad is perfect for many occasions, and has the benefit of being nutritionally balanced, easy to make, and tasty. But what happens if you overestimate the amount you can eat? Or, you’d made it for a gathering, and people couldn’t make it? It’s good to know that your efforts won’t go to waste. You can freeze chicken salad, only … Read More