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Hi, I’m Wilhelmina “Billie” Zeelen

A chemist by day and a self-taught expert on what can and can’t be frozen, according to science, and a little trial and error. Bzice started as a challenge that began twenty years ago when my brother and I started, on a long rain-soaked summer afternoon, to find out what we could and couldn’t successfully freeze. What began as a trivial challenge, soon became a lifelong obsession and I began Bzice as a way to document and share what I discovered about which products and food could successfully be frozen.

If what you’re looking for freezing advice about isn’t here yet, don’t worry as it probably will be soon, as I’ve made it my life’s mission to at least attempt to try and freeze absolutely everything that I possibly can. In the meantime, have a look through my adventures in cold storage, and who knows, the answer to your ice-bound dilemma might just be here…

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