Can You Freeze Raisins?

Raisins are a healthy snack and much better to nibble on than chocolate. They are also a good addition to desserts like rum and raisin ice cream. They can also be added to salads and savory dishes like a tagine from Morocco. 

However, what do you do if you have excess raisins or they are nearing their expiry date (see also Can You Freeze Gooseberries?)? If they are unopened, a packet of raisins will last for up to one year. However, if you open them, expect their shelf life to be reduced by half. So, is there a way to extend their shelf life? The simple answer is yes. Like all dried fruit (see also Freezing Figs), it is possible to freeze raisins, and because they contain little moisture, they freeze well. 

In this article, we will be telling you how to freeze raisins (see also How To Freeze Grapes) and how to defrost them. It is pretty simple so it’s a great idea. You will then have raisins on hand without having to go to the store. Freezing Raisins

You can freeze raisins either in plastic bags or rigid airtight plastic containers (see also How To Freeze Flapjacks). It is a good idea to separate the raisins into small portions especially if you don’t plan to use that many at a time. You don’t want to defrost too many at once and waste them. 

Place the raisins on a baking sheet and spread them out. You don’t want any big clumps. Put the baking sheet into the freezer and freeze for around an hour. You need to make sure that the raisins have frozen solid before you take the baking sheet out of the freezer. 

The next step is to get the plastic bags or containers and pack the raisins. You can choose the portion size you think you will need. Don’t worry that the raisins will stick together. Because they have been frozen separately on the baking sheet, they will stay separate. 

Put the bags or containers in the freezer. The raisins will last for up to one and a half years in the freezer although the quality may not be as good near the end of this time.

Defrosting Raisins

The best way to thaw out your raisins when you want to use them is to put them in the fridge and leave them to defrost overnight or for around 10 hours. An alternative is to defrost the raisins by putting them on your worktop at room temperature. This will take around one hour.

If you are using the raisins in a stew, you don’t have to defrost them. In addition, if you are putting them in a cake mixture (see also How To Freeze Batter), they can be added without defrosting them. They will defrost easily when the cake is put in the oven. As we have said, raisins have little moisture so you don’t have to worry that water will be added to your cake (see also Can You Freeze Fruit Cake?). 


Raisins are healthy and much better for you than candy so it’s a great idea to freeze some for later use. You can eat them on their own or add them to a trail mix of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. It’s not difficult to freeze or defrost raisins so now that you know what to do, why not try it out. You will lengthen the shelf-life of your raisins which helps to avoid waste.

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