Can You Freeze Whipped Cream? Here’s What Works and What Doesn’t

Whipped cream is a very popular and delicious topping on desserts, cakes, and pies, but can you freeze it? The simple answer is yes, you can freeze whipped cream, but it’s not a simple process and you do need to learn how to do it right to get the best results. In this article, we will tell you all about the best ways to freeze whipped cream, how to defrost it, and how you can use it.

Freezing Whipped Cream

The best way to freeze whipped cream is either in dollops or to stabilize it. If you put it in a container you might end up with puffed-up half-whipped cream or a watery substance.

 Let’s now take a look at all the ways it is possible to whip cream.

Pouring it into a Container

You might think that this is the best and easiest way to freeze whipped cream. All you have to do is whip up a batch of heavy cream (see also Can You Freeze Heavy Cream) or whipping cream and add a bit of powdered sugar to taste. Then you just have to pour it into an airtight container and put it in the freezer. Unfortunately, when you come to defrost it in the hope of putting a dollop on your apple pie (see also How To Freeze Apples) or pipe it on a cake, it will quite probably be watery. It will be edible but it won’t be anything like the whipped cream you started off with. Of course, there is always the possibility that it might work, but we don’t advise trying it. The only way to freeze whipped cream in a container is to stabilize it and we will look into this later in the article.

Freezing it in Dollops

A better method of freezing whipped cream is to freeze it in dollops. They have less chance of losing that whipped cream texture. When they have been defrosted, you can put them on muffins or cupcakes. You could even put a dollop on top of your coffee (see also Freezing Coffee Creamer) or hot chocolate.

However, there is a downside. Sometimes the dollops will collapse when put on a cake or muffin, but they should be alright in a drink. In fact, instead of defrosting your dollops, you could even put a frozen dollop in your coffee. It will soon melt.

A way to get around the possible collapse of the dollops is to defrost them in the fridge on top of the item of food you want it to be served with. In this way, they won’t lose their shape. This is a great method for individual cakes and muffins or you could even get a big cake and put dollops all around the cake. 

This is not a bad way to freeze whipped cream, but don’t expect to be able to repipe the dollops. They need to be used as they are. Of course, you can always stabilize the cream you are using.

Stabilizing the Whipped Cream

This is by far the best way to freeze whipped cream. If you stabilize your whipped cream, you can either freeze it in a container or in dollops. Both ways work really well. Even the dollops are better if they are stabilized. They hold their shape better than if they aren’t stabilized. If you have frozen it in a container, you can even pipe it. In fact, stabilized whipped cream ends up looking and tasting the same as it did before freezing. 

Methods of Stabilizing Whipped Cream

There are quite a few ways of stabilizing whipped cream and they all work equally well although you may find after experimenting that you find that one works the best. It is all up to personal choice.

Here are the different methods of stabilizing –

  1. Use a commercial whipped cream stabilizer. An example is one produced by Dr. Oetker, but you may find different brands in your local store. The commercial stabilizer will guarantee you good results. 
  2. Use unflavored gelatin which will give good results as it hardens the product it is added to. Of course, this is no good for vegetarians, so perhaps try the vegetarian alternative of agar-agar.
  3. Add some powdered sugar to the whipped cream and then put in cornstarch. The starch stabilizes the whipped cream.
  4. Put in confectioner’s sugar as this also contains starch and will stabilize the whipped cream.
  5. Use milk powder which also has starch. In addition, it makes the whipped cream even creamier. 
  6. The final alternative is pudding mix. This also has starch in it.

Perhaps try out each of these methods at different times and decide which you like best. 

The Two Ways of Freezing Whipped Cream

As we have said, there are two ways of freezing whipped cream, either in a container or in dollops. 

Freezing in a container makes the whipped cream versatile. You can pipe it onto cakes and desserts, add it to ice cream, or put a couple of scoops on top of your hot chocolate. However, it does need to be stabilized otherwise it will end up flat and watery. Stabilizing whipped cream does take an extra bit of time, but it’s worth it in the end. 

The other method of freezing the whipped cream is in dollops and works well even if it isn’t stabilized, but it’s even better if it is stabilized.  You also have the opportunity to shape the blobs in any pattern you want which can make them more attractive. You might want to do one shape for a muffin and a different one for a big cake. 

How to Freeze Stabilized Whipped Cream in a Container

Put the stabilized whipped cream in a container. Of course, you may have made the whipped cream in bulk so you might need more than one container. Also, you might want to portion it into different containers so that you just defrost what you need. It is also advantageous to freeze in smaller containers because whipped cream freezes solid so the bigger the container, the longer it takes to defrost.

Once you have done this, seal the container. You want an airtight container as air can cause freezer burn. This can make the cream dry out. 

Once you have defrosted stabilized whipped cream in a container, it should hold its shape. Just remember to stabilize it otherwise you will have a flop. 

How to Freeze Dollops of Whipped Cream

As we have said, you can freeze dollops of whipped cream either stabilized or not. However, although you will get good results either way, you will get the best results if the cream is stabilized. 

This procedure is more complicated than freezing whipped cream in a container, but it is worth the bother. To compensate, it is easier to use when defrosted as you can just add the dollops to whatever you want.

The first step is to put some parchment paper on a baking sheet. Then pipe on the whipped cream. This is the time to decide what shapes you want. If you’re not concerned about this, you can just spoon the cream on the baking sheet. However, this is a time that you can be inventive especially if you want to use the cream for a dinner party for friends and family. Remember that smaller dollops hold their shape the best especially if you haven’t stabilized them. 

The next step is to put the baking sheet in the freezer. It should take between two and three hours for the dollops to freeze. If you want to leave them in overnight, that’s okay as well. It won’t do them any harm.

Take the baking sheet out of the freezer and transfer the dollops into either a container or a resealable plastic bag. The dollops shouldn’t stick together as they will be frozen solid. By transferring them to a container or a bag, you are saving space in the freezer. This is particularly important if you have a small freezer. 

It is a good idea now to put a label on the bag or container with the name and date frozen. It is all too easy to forget when you froze it, especially if you freeze a lot of items. 

Although this process takes longer than freezing whipped cream in a container, it is advantageous as you can just take out as many dollops as you want. You don’t have to defrost the whole bag or container. 

Defrosting Whipped Cream

The best way to defrost whipped cream is in the fridge although you can, of course, put it in a drink frozen as it will melt very quickly. However, if you’re not going to do this, defrosting in the fridge is the best method. It helps the cream retain its shape and it tastes just like freshly whipped cream. Of course, this is easier with dollops as they defrost quickly and can just be put on cakes and muffins. 

Let’s take a look at how to defrost whipped cream in a container and in dollops.

Defrosting Whipped Cream That Has Been Frozen in a Container

Take your container out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. It will take between three and six hours to defrost, depending on how large the container is. This is the simple bit. It can be more difficult to use than dollops of whipped cream. You can just spoon it onto your desserts or cakes, but this might not look as attractive as if you pipe it.

Defrosting Whipped Cream Dollops

We recommend that you defrost these in the fridge on top of whatever the dollops are going to be on. There is then less chance of them falling apart. It shouldn’t take long, depending on how big the dollops are. It could take between one and two hours and then you’re ready to tuck into your favorite muffin, cupcake, or pie. If the cakes or muffins are hot from the oven, let them cool down first before you put them in the fridge. You should never put hot items in a fridge or freezer as they bring the temperature up which can cause bacteria to form in the food.

There is nothing against you defrosting the blobs as they are in the fridge. Just be careful when you come to serve the dollops.

How to Use Frozen Whipped Cream Without Defrosting

You can only do this if you have frozen your whipped cream in dollops. Because whipped cream freezes solid, you would struggle to get frozen whipped cream out of a container without defrosting it.   

The best way to use frozen dollops of frozen whipped cream is in a hot drink like coffee (see also Freezing Half-and-Half) or hot chocolate. Why not try it in a liqueur coffee. It will be delicious so why not treat yourself.

Another option is to make muffins or pancakes, let them cool down a little, and while they are still warm, put on the dollops of whipped cream. You need to do this right before serving as the dollops will melt quickly. However, there is a disadvantage in that the bottom of the whipped cream can melt quicker than the top. This is not ideal and we don’t advise you to do this for a dinner party. However, if you are just eating with your family, try it out. It may work better some of the time and others not so well.

What Can You Use Frozen Whipped Cream For?

Once you have defrosted your whipped cream, you can use it in the same way as you would fresh whipped cream. Put it on desserts like creme caramel and tiramisu. Use it on cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods (see also article on freezing cinnamon rolls). It is a good addition to sweet pies (see also article on freezing mince pies) like apple or pumpkin pie. It also goes well on a crumble or a fruit tart. Dollop it in hot chocolate or coffee. Another great idea is to place it on top of ice cream and milkshakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to freeze whipped cream in an aerosol?

Yes, you can, but not in the can. You will need to either spray it in blobs or into a container. It is possible to freeze it successfully in a container because aerosol whipped cream usually contains a stabilizer. Because of this, it won’t collapse or end up watery. Sometimes, however, aerosol whipped cream doesn’t contain a stabilizer so always check the can before you freeze it.

Is it possible to freeze Reddi-wip? 

Reddi-wip is a very popular whipped cream that comes in an aerosol can. This whipped cream does contain a stabilizer so you can freeze it in either a container or in dollops. Once again, don’t freeze it in the can as it could explode and make a mess in your freezer.

Is it possible to refreeze Cool Whip?

Cool Whip is the most popular dessert topping in the US, followed closely by Reddi-wip. It doesn’t actually contain much dairy and is mainly synthetic. Still, it tastes like cream, and its popularity shows that you don’t have to use heavy or whipping cream to make whipped cream. Real cream also has a lot more calories so isn’t good for your waistline.

You buy Cool Whip frozen in a container. What you need to do when you want to add it to a dessert, is to put it in the fridge to defrost overnight or you can put it in the fridge in the morning if you want to use it that night. When you are ready to use it, scoop out as much as you need for your dessert or cake. Once you have used as much as you want, put it back into the freezer and let it freeze again. This is remarkable as you can’t refreeze heavy and whipping cream. You can freeze and defrost the cream as many times as you need until it is all used up.

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