What Percentage Of Alcohol Does Not Freeze?

Not all alcohol will freeze.  It all depends on the percentage of alcohol in the drink. Generally, alcohol with a percentage of 35% or above will not freeze in a home freezer which is usually set at 0 F.  This will include most spirits but beer and wine will freeze. Here is a list of freezing temperatures of different alcohol percentages.

Alcohol %   Freezing Point
5% 28 F
10%25 F
20% 15 F
30%5 F
40%-10 F
50% -25 F

Water and other liquids that don’t contain alcohol freeze at around 0 F while beer, which usually has an alcohol content of around 5% will freeze at 28 F (see also Can You Freeze Cider?).  Vodka, which has an alcohol percentage of around 40%, will not freeze in a home fridge. 

Which Alcohol Drinks Will Freeze?

All beers and wines, plus some flavored spirits and low-proof liqueurs will freeze to some extent. However, this doesn’t mean that you should do it. The reason for this is that freezing alcohol can make it lose some of its flavor and texture (see also Is Freezing Limoncello A Good Idea?).

Does Beer Freeze?

Beer does freeze but we don’t recommend that you do this. Beer doesn’t turn into a solid block. The water in the beer will freeze first and you will end up with a slushy consistency. In addition, beer expands when you put it in the freezer. Some beers come in glass bottles that are sealed under pressure. When the beer expands, the bottle may crack, or the lid may come off. Cans are usually filled to the top so they will most probably burst when they are left in the freezer for too long. If you want an ice-cold beer, put the beer in the freezer for around a quarter of an hour. It won’t freeze within this time limit but it will end up deliciously cold. 

Can You Freeze Wine?

Wine has an alcohol content of between 10% and 15% so it can freeze. However, like beer, it will expand, which could result in the cork popping out and leaving a mess in your freezer. Again, if you want to have ice-cold wine, you can put the bottle in the freezer for 15 minutes. However, if you want to use wine in cooking, you can freeze it in an ice cube tray. Don’t fill the slots right up to the top as the wine will expand. Freeze for a few hours and then put the cubes in a freezer bag, squeezing out all the air to avoid freezer burn. You can then just take out a cube or two when you need them for your stew or casserole. 

What Alcoholic Drinks Won’t Freeze?

Spirits won’t freeze but you can still pop them in the freezer if you want them ice-cold. Don’t keep the bottles in for too long as the taste could change. 

Does Vodka Freeze?

No, vodka does not freeze as it has an alcohol percentage of around 40%. However, it is a drink best enjoyed cold, so it is a good idea to put it in the freezer about 45 minutes before you intend to drink it. It is believed that this can make the texture of a cheap vodka smoother. 

Does Whiskey Freeze?

Whiskey is around 40% alcohol and does not freeze. However, unlike vodka, it doesn’t fare well in the freezer. This is because it is a darker drink with a deep, complex flavor that will be ruined if it is put in the freezer. Whiskey is very much a drink that is best served at room temperature. Many steadfast whiskey drinkers think that having whiskey on the rocks is sacrilege.  

Does Freezing Alcohol Ruin it?

In one simple word, yes. Beer, wine, cider, and low-alcohol liqueurs will become slushy and the texture will probably change. They may even become grainy so won’t be pleasant to drink. However, feel free to put them in the freezer for fifteen minutes to get an ice-cold drink. Don’t leave them in for longer as the bottles may crack and cans may explode.

As we have said, spirits with a high alcohol content won’t freeze but some you can put in the freezer to get an ice-cold drink (see also Can You Freeze Fizzy Drinks?). However, don’t keep them in the freezer for too long so the texture will start to change. The best spirits to put in the freezer are ones that are clear and don’t have a strong flavor such as gin, vodka, and Bacardi. However, darker drinks and those with a strong flavor such as whiskey, tequila, and dark rum are better served at room temperature. If you put them in the freezer, they will lose their aroma and even some of their taste. They could become lackluster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you now know all there is to know about freezing alcohol, but if you have further questions, we have answered a few here. 

Does Grand Marnier freeze?

No, it doesn’t. Most liqueurs are between 15% and 30% so will freeze but Grand Marnier is 40% because it is 51% cognac and 49% orange liqueur.

Does pure alcohol freeze?

Pure alcohol does freeze but not in a home freezer. It will only freeze at temperatures below 
-175 F.

Does Tia Maria freeze?

The main ingredients of Tia Maria are coffee beans, Jamaican rum, vanilla, and sugar. It has an alcoholic content of 20% so it will freeze but it probably won’t taste the same. It has strong flavors and some of these can be dulled. It is a drink that is often served with ice so that’s the way to go.

How do you freeze alcoholic ice lollies?

Alcoholic ice lollies are a lovely treat to be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. To make them, you need to mix four parts non-alcoholic liquid with one part alcohol. The liquid could be water, lemonade, coke, or something similar. Pour the mixture into a lolly mold and leave to set. They will set well because of the big non-alcoholic content.


Alcoholic beverages that have an alcoholic content of less than 30% will freeze but they probably won’t taste as good as before you put them in the freezer. They will become slushy and grainy. Just put them in the freezer for a quarter of an hour to cool them down. Alcoholic drinks with an alcoholic content of above 30% will not freeze so only put them in the freezer to cool down. Pick clear spirits as dark spirits will lose aroma and taste.

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