Can You Freeze Egg Beaters? Here’s How to Do It Right

Egg Beaters are a great ‘substitute’ for eggs, no matter if you turn to them simply for the convenience or you are trying to cut down the fat and cholesterol in your diet but still want to be able to enjoy eggs. 

However, there seems to be a persistent problem with Egg Beaters, especially when bought in the large pack. No matter how many eggs you need for the recipe you are cooking at the moment, it seems that somehow one always ends up with half a pack of Egg Beaters. If you don’t plan to use them up within a couple of days, it seems to be a good idea to freeze the leftover product. 

But will it work? Will freezing Egg Beaters extend their shelf life? And if they do, will you still have the product be of the same quality after thawing? These are the questions we set out to answer today.  

Are Egg Beaters Freezable? 

Freezing eggs is a practice discussed quite often. But what about Egg Beaters? There is not so much info about that. For example, his is an inquiry we received from one of our curious readers: 

“While trying to make improvements in my diet, I discovered a product called ‘egg beaters’ – and love it. The only issue is, I live alone and don’t really eat that many eggs. As such, I tend to always end up with leftover egg beaters in the carton. I hate throwing the leftover ‘eggs’ as they tend to spoil within a week, so I’m wondering, is freezing them an option? I’m worried about ruining the consistency of the egg beaters and ending up with an unusable product after all that trouble?” 

Well, dear reader, here is the straightforward answer to your question: yes, you can definitely freeze egg beaters. 

To understand the details, we should ask the question – what are Egg Beaters exactly? While Egg Beaters offer a couple of different mixes, they are typically made from egg whites and sometimes a small amount of egg yolks (see also How To Freeze Egg Yolks) with different additions. As such, pretty much the same thing applies to Egg Beaters as to  real eggs: they can both be frozen. 

Egg Beaters are already mixed before they are put into the package, so, in theory, when you freeze them, you should be able to have the same product after thawing. The only thing you’ll need to do is let the Egg Beaters thaw and stir them slightly to achieve even consistency. 

How Do I Freeze Egg Beaters? 

No matter if you want to freeze a package that’s already opened or you want to freeze an unopened package of Egg Beaters to extend its shelf life, we can tell you that it’s definitely possible – and easy to do. 

With a full package of Egg Beaters, all you need to do really is throw it into the freezer. You can do the same with a half-empty container. However, if you plan to keep the egg beaters in the freezer for a long time, we recommend that you move them into a smaller container. If you keep the half-used Egg Beaters mix in the original container, you’ll freeze it together with lots of air that fills the space, and this might negatively impact the flavour of your frozen Egg Beaters. 

A better tactic is transferring the egg beaters into a smaller container so there is not too much air inside. You can always use a freezer bag to create a tailor-made container. Simply pour the leftover Egg Beaters into the bag, squeeze out the extra air and close. You now have an air-tight container for your Egg Beaters! 

If you often ues small amounts of Egg Beaters, we recommend to divide them into serving sizes before freezing. That way, you can always thaw just as much of the Egg Beaters mix as you need. One option to achieve this is to simply freeze in smaller containers. 

Another nifty trick is freezing Egg Beaters in ice cube trays. Simply pour the mix into your ice cube tray and freeze. Once frozen, you can take the cubes out and store them in a standard freezer bag. 

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