Can You Freeze Jacket Potatoes?

Jacket potatoes are so versatile. You can have them as a side dish, or you can make a meal out of them. You can add numerous fillings, such as cheese and baked beans, tuna mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise, creamed garlic mushrooms, smoked haddock and cheddar, chili, curry, or cheese, bacon, and sour cream.  Jacket potatoes can be prepared either in the … Read More

Can You Freeze Food In Parchment Paper?

It is important to know what you can wrap your food in when you put it in the freezer. You can’t just put food unwrapped in the freezer as freezer burn can occur which will ruin the taste and texture of your food. In this article, we will take a look at parchment paper to see if it is a … Read More

Can You Freeze Paella?

Paella is a delicious Spanish rice dish. It is traditionally made with seafood and fish but it can also be made with meats such as chicken and chorizo or vegetables and beans. However, it is quite a lengthy process to make paella so can you make it in bulk and freeze some of it? The answer is yes, and it … Read More

Can You Freeze Plums?

The plum is a delicious fruit. You can eat plums as they are, or you can stew them and serve them with custard or cream. They are delicious in a crumble, a pie, or a cake. You can make them into a jam or a sauce which goes well with duck. However, what if you have a plum tree and … Read More

Can You Freeze Dauphinoise Potatoes?

Dauphinoise potatoes are sliced potatoes covered in a creamy cheese sauce that is baked in the oven low and slow. It oozes elegance and is a great addition to a dinner party. However, can you make it in advance and freeze it so that you can concentrate on other components of the dinner party on the day.  The answer is … Read More

Can You Freeze Pumpkin?

Pumpkin is a truly versatile vegetable that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. As a dessert, it is often enjoyed as pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. It also makes a delicious cake as well as muffins. You can make a tasty soup with pumpkin, add it to omelets, make hummus out of it, mix it with potatoes to … Read More

Can You Freeze Paneer?

Paneer is a tasty Indian cheese. It comes in a block and you can cut it into cubes and pan fry it, grill it, or put it on the barbecue. Use it in kebabs with different vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms or cubes of chicken or beef. You can marinate it in Indian spices before cooking so that … Read More

Can You Freeze Mince Pies?

There is always a lot to do for the Christmas festivities.  If you plan to have a big family gathering you may feel stressed just thinking about preparing the food. Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings can be made well in advance and be kept in a cool dark larder. However, what about mince pies? They don’t have a long shelf … Read More

Can You Freeze Domino’s Pizza?

However much we love cooking, a takeaway is a treat and most of us love a pizza, whether it is loaded with different cheeses or has salami and different meats on it. Domino’s is a very popular pizza takeaway, but the question is, can you freeze your leftovers? The chances are high that you might overorder as there are so … Read More

Can You Freeze Roast Potatoes?

Potatoes are a staple in Western cuisine. They can be eaten in all different ways. You can have them roasted as part of a Sunday dinner. You can mash them up and put them on top of a shepherd’s pie (see also ‘Can you feeze Pork Pies?‘). You can make more extravagant dishes such as potato dauphinoise (see also Freezing … Read More