Can You Freeze Domino’s Pizza?

However much we love cooking, a takeaway is a treat and most of us love a pizza, whether it is loaded with different cheeses or has salami and different meats on it. Domino’s is a very popular pizza takeaway, but the question is, can you freeze your leftovers? The chances are high that you might overorder as there are so … Read More

Can You Freeze Roast Potatoes?

Potatoes are a staple in Western cuisine. They can be eaten in all different ways. You can have them roasted as part of a Sunday dinner. You can mash them up and put them on top of a shepherd’s pie (see also ‘Can you feeze Pork Pies?‘). You can make more extravagant dishes such as potato dauphinoise and rosti. However, … Read More

Can You Freeze Prawns?

If you love seafood, you will probably like prawns. They are versatile and high in nutrients so why not add them to your diet? You can have them as part of a seafood platter or make a traditional prawn cocktail. These are delicious starters for a dinner party. You can also add prawns to curries, pasta, risotto, and salads.  When … Read More

Can You Freeze Parsnips?

Parsnips are a versatile vegetable and can be used in all sorts of ways. They are delicious roasted as an accompaniment to a Sunday roast dinner or for Thanksgiving or Christmas. However, you can also mash them, either on their own or with other vegetables such as carrots or swedes. You can even boil or fry them. In addition, you … Read More

Can you feeze Pork Pies?

Pork pies are very popular snacks which can also be made part of a meal with a salad and new potatoes. They come in all sorts of sizes from mini pies that can be enjoyed in one go up to large pies which can be served in slices. They make a great addition to a buffet at a party. However, … Read More

Can You Freeze Pate?

Pate makes a delicious starter at a dinner party. There are so many different varieties, the most common being chicken liver pate, but you can also get fish pates like mackerel or salmon, and vegetarian pates such as mushroom and red pepper. However, pate doesn’t have a long shelf-life. You can keep it in the fridge for about a week. … Read More

Can You Freeze Cooked Pork?

Pork is a very popular meat. It may not surprise you to learn that it is the most eaten meat in the world. After all, not only can you buy joints of pork, pork chops, and pork ribs, but sausages and bacon are widely consumed. However, what do you do if you cook a joint of pork for your Sunday … Read More

Can You Freeze Raw Potatoes?

Potatoes often come in such huge sacks, that it’s hard not to end up with too many. What is the best way to preserve them? Well, it’s probably freezing. But freezing completely raw potatoes is not a good idea (see also Freezing Boiled Potatoes). Rather, you will need to blanch them first. Here is everything you need to know in … Read More


Can You Freeze Dry Pasta? Here’s How to Get It Right

Dry pasta is not something that first comes to mind when you think about freezing, but it definitely can be done. Whether you want to extend its shelf life or simply have no more room for storing it in your pantry, freezing dry pasta is a good option. Still, you should know that, unless you freeze it properly, you can … Read More

Can You Freeze Pinto Beans?

Beans are jam packed with vitamins and minerals and are also very cheap. What’s better than getting an economical meal that is nutritious? However, cooking dry beans can take hours and, although easy, can be frustrating as you have to check how they are cooking at regular intervals. You don’t really want to do this for just one meal, so … Read More