Can You Freeze Noodles?

Noodles are an easy addition to a meal. You can make an Asian dish with them or you can cook an Italian dish with pasta noodles. The surprising thing is that both noodles and pasta freeze well so you can stock up for future use. You can even freeze leftover noodles. However, uncooked noodles freeze the best (see also Freezing … Read More

Can You Freeze Nectarines?

It’s summertime again and it’s nectarine season. Also sometimes called “shaved peaches”, nectarines can be even more delicious than regular peaches, although they do not have the characteristic fuzzy exterior. In fact, nectarines actually do contain more vitamins than peaches (especially vitamin A and vitamin C)  The problem with nectarines is that the timespan in which they are perfect to … Read More

Can You Freeze Naan Bread?

Naan bread, like pita bread, tortillas, and even ordinary loaves, can be frozen and it is remarkably easy to do so. It doesn’t matter if you have bought them from the store, made them yourself, or have some left over from an Indian takeaway. The best thing of all is that the quality of naan bread doesn’t change much after … Read More

Can You Freeze Nutella?

Nutella is a delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread that can be spread on bread, toast, brioche, or croissants. Kids love it and although adults may say that they don’t like it, they could easily be secret Nutella eaters. It has a long shelf life even when opened so it is a good thing to keep in stock. However, if kept … Read More