Can You Freeze Nutella?

Nutella is a delicious hazelnut and chocolate spread that can be spread on bread, toast, brioche, or croissants. Kids love it and although adults may say that they don’t like it, they could easily be secret Nutella eaters. It has a long shelf life even when opened so it is a good thing to keep in stock. However, if kept for too long, it can go rancid. This is because it is made from nut fat and dairy. So, why not freeze it? It is absolutely possible to do this and in this article, we will tell you how to do this.

When you defrost Nutella, the consistency may not be exactly the same, but there is a way to get it back to the way it was before freezing. We will also look at this in the article.

Freezing Nutella

There are two ways in which you can freeze Nutella. The first is just putting the jar of Nutella in the freezer. The second is putting the Nutella into a container or into plastic bags and then freezing it.

How to Freeze Unopened Nutella

Perhaps Nutella is on sale in the store. If you and your family like it, then why not bulk buy. You can put the unopened jars of Nutella into the freezer for use later. It comes in plastic containers that are freezer-friendly.

How to Freeze Opened Nutella

If you want to store the Nutella in the freezer, you can put it into a plastic container or in small plastic bags. The plastic bags are handy if you’re just using a small amount of Nutella at a time. You can defrost just as much as you need. Make sure that the plastic bags are resealable and that you squeeze the air out of the bags otherwise your Nutella could experience freezer burn which dehydrates the food. If you are putting the Nutella in a container, make sure that it has an airtight lid so that it seals well. Once you have done this, just put the containers or plastic bags in the freezer to be used when needed.

Defrosting Nutella

Nutella hardens when it is frozen because it is made from nut butter and chocolate (see also Freezing Brownies). As you defrost it, it will become soft, possibly even softer than before you froze it. Sometimes the nut butter may separate from the chocolate, making the mixture watery. What you need to do is to whisk it. This will restore the Nutella to its original consistency.  

The best way to thaw Nutella is to put it on your counter and let it defrost at room temperature. It doesn’t need to be put in the fridge for thawing, although it should now be kept there as it lengthens its life.


Nutella is a treat for children and possibly a guilty pleasure for adults. Now that you know how to freeze and defrost it, you won’t have any excuse not to have it on hand.

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