Can You Freeze Cheese Fondue? Here’s What You Have to Do

Is there anything more delicious than cheese fondue on a winter evening? Many would say not. It’s also the perfect dish for an intimate party or even a date. However the best fondue is made with good quality cheese. Furthermore, once you start trying out the nuances you can achieve by using different cheeses you’ll probably not want to stop. 

The difficult thing about fondue is judging the right amount to make. Most traditional Swiss recipes will suggest using a crazy amount of cheese per person, but your guests might not end up having that big of an appetite. When the fondue doesn’t get eaten, it can feel really wasteful and downright sad to throw away all that good cheese. 

But is it really possible to freeze and reheat fondue? Today, we’ll talk about how to do this the right way and get away with it. 

Can You Really Freeze Cheese Fondue? 


Freezing cheese fondue is something anyone who makes it has thought about at least once. Leftover fondue is really an annoying problem! That’s because it’s one of the most delicious things ever, but it’s a really calorie bomb too so you often can’t finish the pot despite the biggest efforts. 

One of our readers encountered the same problem. Here is what she wrote us: 

Last year, I ended up going on a ski holiday in Switzerland with my husband. As you might imagine, we came back with a fondue addiction! I tried fondue for the first time there and immediately fell in love. This Christmas, I received a fondue set as a gift. I gave it a try, and, well, it was delicious. However, I made way too much. I ended up throwing out the cheese after it solidified into weird goo. But I’m wondering, is there a better way to handle this? Can fondue be frozen and reheated? 

Some would say freezing fondue is blasphemy, but we firmly believe that it’s a good thing to do. Throwing away the cheese is simply too sad for so many reasons. If you decide to freeze your fondue, it might not taste as good as the first time around, but the deficiencies can be fixed by adding some fresh cheese and wine/kirsch into the mix. 

How To Freeze Cheese Fondue 

There is not that much freezing cheese fondue. You just need to put it in a freezer-safe container and throw it in the freezer. Still, there are a couple of guidelines to follow when freezing cheese fondue. 

First of all, don’t be impatient. Let the fondue cool down completely in the fondue pot. The look of the fondue cooled down will depend on the ingredients you used, but most likely you’ll get a somewhat soft block of cheese. Take that out of the fondue pot. Now, the shape of the block might be awkward for freezing, so we recommend slicing up the cooled-down fondue. This way, you’ll not only find space for it in the freezer more easily, but it will be easier to thaw and reheat the cheese. 

The best way to store fondue pieces prepared is in freezer bags. Just stuff as many fondue bits in the baggie as you can and then squeeze out the extra air and close the bag. Make sure to label your fondue freezer bags and you’re done! 

Thawing and Using Frozen Cheese Fondue 

Frozen fondue is best used fairly soon. In general, it should keep well for about 2 months, so make sure to use it in that timeframe. If you want to make fondue again, we suggest bringing the cheese to room temperature first. You can do this by letting it stay overnight in the refrigerator instead of the freezer. Otherwise, you can just let the cheese warm up on the counter for a while. For express defrosting, put the freezer bag with fondue under warm water. Once you are ready, simply add the cheese to your fondue pot. You can also combine the frozen leftover fondue with fresh cheese for a more authentic flavour. Alternatively, you could also consider using up your frozen fondue in creative ways. 

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