Can You Freeze Cake Pops?

A cake pop is a type of cake that children love. They are a great way to use leftover cake or, alternatively, you can make a cake especially. Cake crumbs are mixed with chocolate or icing and molded into rounds or cubes.

They are then decorated with icing, chocolate, or other decorations and then attached to a lollipop stick. The question is, what do you do if you have made too many?

The simple answer is to freeze them. You will then have a supply of tasty treats for some time to come. In this article, we will tell you how to freeze cake pops (see also Can You Freeze Cake Batter?) and how to defrost them.

How To Freeze Cake Pops

You can freeze cake pops either with or without decorations. However, it is a good idea to check first that the decorations will freeze otherwise you will end up with a cake pop that has spoiled (see also Is Freezing Cream Cakes A Good Idea?). Luckily, most decorations, such as icing and chocolate, do freeze well. 

It isn’t difficult to freeze cake pops. All you need is wax paper, cling film, and an airtight container.

This is the way to freeze cake pops:

1. Cool down the cake pops.

Don’t put the cake pops in the freezer while they are still warm as they will bring up the temperature. Other food in the freezer will start to defrost and when they refreeze, they may spoil. Of course, if you are freezing cake pops with decorations on, you will have to cool them down in order to apply the icing or chocolate.

2. Wrap each cake pop in cling film.

This will help protect the cake pops against freezer burn. Freezer burn will ruin the taste and texture of the cake pops. The cling film will also help to stop the cake pops from sticking together when they are packed up in a container. This means that you will be able to remove just as many cake pops as you need. 

3. Put the cake pops in an airtight container. 

Put the wax paper at the bottom of the container and then put in the cake pops. As an extra precaution against them sticking together, make sure that they’re not touching each other. It is better to use a container rather than a freezer bag as the cake pops could get damaged in a bag, especially if they are decorated. Put a label on the container with the date you put it in the freezer.

4. Freeze.

Tips For Freezing Cake Pops

  1. To save time, decorate the cake pops before you freeze them. Of course, this does depend if the decorations are suitable for freezing. The most common decorations are chocolate and icing and both freeze well (see also Should You Freeze Chocolate Mousse?). However, if your decorations are delicate, you might be better off not decorating your cake pops before freezing. Decorate after you have defrosted the cake pops.
  2. Cake pops are delicate so try not to knock the container when it is in the freezer. This could damage them.
  3. If you are short on space in your freezer, you can use a freezer bag but you will have to be prepared for damage. To make the cake pops more secure, wrap them in two layers of cling film. Squeeze out all the air from the freezer bag so that freezer burn doesn’t occur.

For How Long Can You Freeze Cake Pops?

You can freeze cake pops for up to six months so, if you have room in your freezer, it is a good idea to make them in bulk. You will then be able to enjoy them for months ahead. 

If you want to eat some of them within the few days after you have made them, they will stay fresh in the fridge for three days. Wrap them up in cling film or aluminum foil so that they are protected from other food smells in the fridge.

How Do You Defrost Cake Pops?

The best way to defrost cake pops is slow and steady. This helps them retain their taste and texture. Put them in the fridge and leave them overnight. They will be ready to eat the following morning. 

If you suddenly decide you want a cake pop and don’t want to wait for hours, you can defrost one or two on your countertop. It will take around an hour to defrost. However, the cake pops might lose some of their texture.

Don’t defrost cake pops in a microwave as that really will destroy the texture. The chances are high that they might fall apart.

Can You Refreeze Cake Pops?

It is safe to refreeze cake pops but we don’t advise it, as the texture will change. Every time you freeze, ice crystals are formed and if you refreeze, this will make your cake pops mushy when defrosted. It is better to decide how many you are going to be able to eat in one day and just take that many out of the freezer. 

Is It a Good Idea To Freeze Cake Pops?

Yes, it is. Cake pops freeze well, whether they are decorated or not. However, because there are so many toppings you can choose from, check that they can be frozen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you now know all there is to know about freezing cake pops but in case you are still curious, we have answered a couple of questions here.

Can you freeze cakesicles?

Cakesicles are very similar to cake pops. They are created by painting chocolate into a popsicle mold and then filling the hardened candy shell with the cake mixture. You can freeze cakesicles and you can use the same method as for freezing cake pops. 

What decorations can I put on my cake pops?

Icing and chocolate are the most common toppings for cake pops but there are so many others such as a cream cheese frosting. Add hundreds and thousands for a bright and cheery cake pop. If you’re artistic, you can paint designs with chocolate or frosting.

Paint on skeletons or pumpkins for Halloween, Santas and Christmas trees for Christmas, and bunnies and chicks for Easter. Kids will love this, and it will make the holidays all the more fun.

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