Can You Freeze Vodka Sauce?

Vodka sauce is a perfect go-to pasta sauce when you’re not sure what you should make.

It doesn’t feel as though you’re ‘settling’ for less because you don’t have enough ingredients for a different sauce, or you’re tired, and you want to make what you know.

It is quite easy to make too much vodka sauce, and because of the dairy content within the sauce, you might assume that you can’t freeze it, or because the sauce contains vodka.

The heat evaporates the alcohol while leaving the kick behind, so you will have no trouble freezing it that way (see also Can You Freeze Jello Shots).

Provided that you freeze it properly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. It’s also worth making vodka sauce in big batches, so that you can save some for later, saving you time and money in the long run. 

How Do You Freeze Vodka Sauce?

It is worth noting that fresh vodka sauce and thawed vodka sauce do differ in texture, at least, to begin with. When you thaw vodka sauce, you can bring it back to normal, without any problems. 

You should only try to freeze vodka sauce that’s been freshly made. It’s no good leaving it in the fridge for a few days and then freezing it, as the results won’t be great at best, and at worst, you could give yourself food poisoning.

Because vodka sauce is traditionally made with either milk or cream, make sure not to leave it out for too long when you’re trying to cool it down. 

As a general rule, you can leave food out at room temperature for a maximum of two hours, but try to store it before then if you can, as this minimizes the risk of bacterial growth.

Once the sauce has cooled completely, you can freeze it. It’s best to use a freezer bag to store the sauce in the freezer, as this will save space.

To prevent any mess, grab a large bowl and put the freezer bag inside, folding the top of the bag over the rim. This will mean you’ve now got two hands to decant the sauce into the bag with.

Decant the sauce into the freezer bag, leaving a little room at the top for it to expand as it freezes.

Seal the bag, and label it with the storage date and the type of sauce. Place flat into the freezer, and you’re all done!

When stored properly, vodka sauce will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months in the freezer, but you should aim to use it as soon as possible for the best results.

Consider Using A Food Vacuum Sealer

If you like storing food, and components for cooking, for as long as possible in the freezer, it’s worth investing in a food vacuum sealer. 

These machines are very useful for sauces especially, but they can be used to freeze a whole variety of foods. 

They get rid of all the excess air within the freezer bag, allowing the food to last longer in the freezer without developing freezer burn. 

They also make it a lot easier to defrost, as you can throw the whole bag into a pan of water and set it to boil. 

It does mean that you won’t lose any moisture from the food, as there’s nowhere for it to evaporate to. 

How Do You Defrost Vodka Sauce?

You should take the vodka sauce out of the freezer and transfer it straight into the fridge to allow it to defrost. 

Depending on how much sauce you need to defrost, this may take a few hours, or overnight.

Once the sauce has completely defrosted, decant it into a pan, and put it on a very low heat to begin with.

The sauce may have separated during the freezing and thawing process, or it might have turned grainy. Simply stir the sauce continuously, gradually turning up the heat.

Once it’s piping hot, the sauce should be a normal texture again, and it’s ready for you to enjoy.


It’s worth making vodka sauce ahead of time and freezing what you won’t use the same day, so you have it exactly when you need it. 

It’s especially perfect for those days when you can’t think of what to cook, as you’ve already done the hard work. 

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