Can You Freeze Empanadas?

Perhaps you are a lover of empanadas. They can be made either with meat or vegetables so vegetarians don’t need to feel left out. However, they take some time to make, and perhaps you don’t always have the time to make them from scratch. If this is the case, is there a solution? We believe that there is, and we will tell you all about it in this article.

Can You Freeze Empanadas

Is it Possible to Freeze Empanadas?

The simple answer is yes and this is good news for people who can’t buy readymade empanadas at the local store. They can be frozen whether they have been baked or fried and the taste and texture won’t be altered if you follow our instructions.

The Way to Freeze Empanadas

If you have either baked or fried your empanadas, you need to cool them down completely. If you don’t, when you put them in the freezer, condensation will form and this can make the pastry go soggy. It is also not advisable to put warm items of food in the freezer as it can bring up the temperature in the freezer. This can lead to other items of food starting to defrost. You don’t want food defrosting and refreezing as this can lead to bacteria forming and leading to possible food poisoning. You also need to remember not to leave your empanadas to cool for too long on the counter. Two hours is the maximum before bacteria can start to form.

If you are freezing fried empanadas, put them on paper towels so that the excess oil can drain away. If it doesn’t, you will end up with soggy crusts when the empanadas are thawed. 

It is a good idea to flash freeze the empanadas first. This ensures that they don’t stick together and you can remove the number you want without ruining them. To do this, put them on a baking sheet and then place them in the freezer until the pastry starts to firm up. Make sure that they aren’t touching each other. 

Once the empanadas have partially frozen, take them out of the freezer. The best thing to do now is to wrap them separately in plastic wrap. This is an added insurance that the empanadas won’t stick together. When you wrap them, make sure that the empanadas are completely covered. You don’t want them to be exposed to the air as this can cause freezer burn. This means that although there is no danger to your health, the empanadas will lose some of their taste and texture and may end up a dull color. 

Once you have wrapped the empanadas in plastic wrap, put them in a freezer-safe plastic bag or an airtight plastic container. If you are using a freezer bag, squeeze out all the air to protect against freezer burn. 

It is a good idea to put a label on the bag or container with the freezing date. If you freeze a lot of items, it is too easy to forget when you put the empanadas in the freezer. 

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The Way to Keep Empanadas For Longer

Empanadas keep for up to three months in the freezer, although they are at their best the earlier you defrost them. However, there is a way to keep them in the freezer for longer and this is by using a food saver. These appliances vacuum pack your food. All air is removed and there is no risk of freezer burn. They seal your food securely, whether it is meat, fish, vegetables, or empanadas. The taste and texture of your food will be the same as before you put the empanadas in the freezer and they will last for longer than three months. 

Thawing Empanadas

When you decide that you want to eat your empanadas, take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge to thaw overnight. You can also defrost them in the microwave, but you will need to take off the plastic wrap. However, the empanadas can become a little soggy if you defrost them in the microwave. This is always a problem with pastry. When you have done this, heat them up in a warm oven or fry them in a deep fat fryer. Then you’re ready for a delicious meal. 

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