Can You Freeze Weed Brownies? Yes, But Here’s How to Do It Right

With the change in legislation across the world, weed brownies are becoming even more popular. And given the fact they can be rather strong, you might have tons of leftovers. 

So what can you do with them? The first thing that probably comes to mind is freezing. Well, you’re in luck. Weed brownies can be frozen without worrying about your costly ingredients going to waste.

Can I Freeze Pot Brownies?

With so many countries legalizing weed, it’s no wonder brownies infused with this herb have grown so much in popularity. There are lots of people that enjoy the effect but want to avoid reaching it through smoking. And if you make brownies too strong, you might not be able to eat them all in one go. 

Luckily, freezing is an easy way of storing leftover brownies for later. And when we say later, we mean up to six months. Weed is a dried plant, and as such it’s easily frozen without its quality and taste being affected by cold temperatures.

In fact, pot brownies that were frozen once can actually have a stronger taste and effect. That’s something to keep in mind when making the mixture. You might have to give it a couple of tries until you get the ingredients right.

How Can I Freeze Weed Brownies?

Ideally, you want to freeze weed brownies when they’re still fresh. The more you let them sit on the counter, the more the dough will dry out in contact with air. If you freeze a very dry brownie, you’ll get a crumbly texture after it thaws. To avoid that, you should always put weed brownies in the freezer as soon as they cool down completely. The more the dough is moist, the better it will hold in freezing temperatures.

You can freeze weed brownies either as a batch or individually. 

Freezing A Batch

If you decide to freeze a whole batch, you can put it while still inside the baking pan you made them in. This is, of course, assuming the pan is freeze-safe. If you’re using a glass pan, it has to be made of non-tempered glass. What’s more, you need to let it cool down for a while longer to avoid breaking from extreme temperature changes.

Grab aluminum foil or plastic wrap and roll up the pan. Then, put the whole thing into a releasable freezer bag. Remove as much air as you can, then seal the bag. Make sure to label it, as this is not something a household member should eat by mistake. 

Freezing Individual Brownie Squares

If you want to freeze brownie squares one by one, then you’ll need to do flash-freeze. This will help prevent moisture loss and keep your brownies juicy and tasty. To do that, grab a baking sheet and place weed brownie squares on it. Put the sheet inside the freezer for about 20 minutes. This is enough time for each brownie to flash-freeze, and then it’s ready to be packed.

At this point, you can wrap them individually or store them inside a single freezing bag. Because they were flash-frozen, the squares won’t stick one to another, and you can take them out one by one when needed. If you choose to freeze them individually, the best way to store them is to use plastic wrap.

How Can I Keep Weed Brownies Fresh For A Longer Time

To prolong the lifespan of your weed brownies, you need to remove the air from the bag. As you know, oxygen causes all kinds of chemical reactions in food and thus it speeds up the decaying process. To avoid that from happening, you should use a food saver. 

This machine sucks all the air out of the bag and creates a vacuum. Without oxygen, your food will stay fresh for a much longer time. 

How Can I Defrost Weed Brownies

The best way to thaw weed brownies would be to let them sit at room temperature. However, sometimes time is of the essence. In that case, you can put them in a microwave on a defrosting mode. 

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