Can You Freeze Quiche?

Quiche is a great dish which can have endless combinations of fillings, making it perfect for those leftover veggies that you’re not sure what to do with, and you don’t really fancy an omelette or a stir fry. 

You can also make it as healthy or as slightly indulgent but extremely satisfying as you want, whichever you’re in the mood for.

But can you make it in advance to use later? We know that quiche is made largely of eggs, which can freeze well on their own if you do it properly. What about the pastry, and the veggies inside?

Can You Or Should You Freeze Quiche?

Yes, quiche freezes fairly well. You can freeze it raw, or cooked, too. Cooked quiches do tend to last longer than raw quiches when frozen.

It is better to freeze quiche that’s already been cooked. This is because the texture change that occurs during the freezing and defrosting process is less dramatic in the cooked quiche.

It will also prevent a watery quiche, as some raw vegetables have a high moisture content, and this water will seep out as the raw quiche defrosts. 

To give your quiche a chance at not being disappointing, at the bare minimum, you need to bake the crust, which will reduce the chance of the dish being soggy. 

For best results, cook the quiche as normal, and let it cool completely before you freeze it.

The Best Way To Freeze Quiche

There are several ways you can freeze quiche, but by far the easiest way to freeze this lovely dish is to tray freeze it. This works for both baked and raw quiches.

This is similar to flash freezing, in that you line a tray with parchment, stick the quiche on, and put the whole thing into the freezer without any sort of protection on top. 

The aim here is not to leave it for too long. You want the quiche to be firm, not completely frozen, or it will develop freezer burn. 

You also need to make sure that the quiche is completely cool before you try to do this, otherwise you risk bringing up the temperature of the freezer, which can cause a whole host of problems. 

When the quiche is ready, you need to wrap it in foil or freezer paper, and store it in a freezer bag. 

The extra layer helps stop freezer burn from decimating the quiche quickly, so it will keep for longer without losing much quality. 

Make sure you write the date of storage on the bag. No, really, I know you’re tempted to skip this step, but it makes your life a lot easier if you don’t. 

This is the best way to ensure that any food you freeze is still safe to eat, and make sure to write the best before date, so you know when you need to use it. 

When put into the freezer, cooked quiche will last a maximum of 2 months, but for a better result, use within a month of freezing. Raw quiche put into the freezer will last up to a month. 

Why You Shouldn’t Defrost Frozen Quiche, And How To Cook It?

Most people argue that you shouldn’t thaw frozen quiche before you try to use it. The thawing process will change the texture, but not only that, the water content from all those veggies is likely to seep out and ruin the pastry (see also Is Freezing Shortcrust Pastry A Good Idea?).

For a better quiche, pre-cooking it before you freeze it is better, as the consistency won’t alter as much. 

To bake it again, cover the crust with foil to stop it burning, and put it into a preheated oven at 350°F for about 30 minutes, until piping hot in the middle. 

To bake a raw, frozen quiche, set it at the normal temperature you would if it was fresh, but make sure to add at least 15 minutes onto the cooking time. You’re best keeping an eye on the dish, as it may take more or less time to cook through. 


Freezing quiche is a great way to save time, prevent food waste, and save some money all at once. The process of freezing is very simple, and it’s the same for both raw and cooked quiche. 

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