Can You Freeze Fruit Juice?

Fruit juice is a great addition to your breakfast menu. You can also add it to your smoothie or cocktail and is an essential ingredient in punch. The good thing is that not only is fruit juice delicious but it is full of vitamins and minerals.

However, can you preserve it for a long time? Maybe it’s reduced in the store, and you want to buy it in bulk.

Perhaps you grow fruit and it’s all ripe at once. If so, the good news is that you can freeze fruit juice whether it is store-bought or homemade. In this article, we will tell you how to freeze fruit juice and how to defrost it.

How To Freeze Fruit Juice

It isn’t difficult to freeze fruit juice (see also Can You Freeze Blackcurrants?) and there are two ways in which you can freeze it. You can freeze it in its original packaging, or you can freeze it in the slots of an ice cube tray. Here, we will tell you how to freeze fruit juice in both of these ways.

How To Freeze Fruit Juice in Cartons

You shouldn’t just put the cartons of juice in the freezer as the juice may expand. In addition, you shouldn’t freeze glass jars of fruit juice as they might crack in the freezer and make a mess. These are the steps you should follow.

1. Remove the lid and place the carton in the freezer.

Ensure that the carton is upright to prevent any spillages.

2. Freeze the carton.

Keep the carton in the freezer for about 24 hours. During this time, the juice will have time to expand. If you kept the lid on and the juice expanded, the carton could burst.

3. Put the lid back on the carton.

Put a label on the carton with the date you put it in the freezer.

4. Freeze.

How To Freeze Fruit Juice in an Ice Cube Tray

If you want to use the fruit juice to add to icing or to sweeten a sauce, then it is a good idea to freeze it in an ice cube tray. You can then take out as many cubes as you need. This is the way to freeze fruit juice in an ice cube tray.

1. Fill the slots in the ice cube tray.

Don’t fill the slots right up to the top as the fruit juice will expand.

2. Put the tray in the freezer.

Leave it in there for a few hours until the cubes are frozen solid.

3. Put the ice cubes in a freezer bag.

Squeeze out all the air from the freezer bag to prevent freezer burn from occurring. Put a label on the bag with the date and contents.

4. Freeze. 

Tips For Freezing Fruit Juice

  1. The best juice to freeze is refrigerated rather than shelf stable and the fresher the better. You will find that it will then taste fresh when defrosted. If you make your own juice, freeze it as soon as possible for the freshest-tasting juice. 
  2. Squeeze out all the air from the freezer bag so that freezer burn doesn’t occur which will ruin the taste and texture of your juice.
  3. If you have an ice lolly or popsicle mold, freeze your fruit juice in this. Then you will have healthy ice lollies to enjoy when it’s hot.

For How Long Can You Freeze Fruit Juice?

Fruit juice is great to freeze as it lasts for up to a year in the freezer. If you make your own juice, it will only last for up to 72 hours in the fridge so freezing is a great way to preserve it for longer. Store-bought juice will last for about 10 days in the fridge.

How Do You Defrost Fruit Juice?

If you have frozen fruit juice in a carton, just take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. It will take a few hours to defrost. If you want to have it for breakfast, take it out the night before. Ensure that it is upright so that there aren’t any leaks. Give it a shake before you drink it to make sure that all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. 

If you have frozen fruit juice in ice cubes, just put them in a glass and allow them to thaw. It won’t take too long, and you will have an ice-cold drink waiting for you. You could also put them straight into a cocktail or smoothie (see also Can You Freeze Lychees?)

Can You Refreeze Fruit Juice?

Yes, you can refreeze fruit juice although if you do it too many times, it can start to become grainy. Because of this. It is better to freeze fruit juice in an ice cube tray as then you can just remove as much juice as you need. A carton of juice may spoil if kept for too long in the fridge though if you are a big juice drinker, that shouldn’t be a problem. 

Is It a Good Idea To Freeze Fruit Juice?

Yes, it is. Fruit juice freezes well and you can freeze just about any type of juice. Frozen fruit juice cubes are great in smoothies, slushies, and cocktails. Use a carton of defrosted fruit juice in a punch. As long as you freeze it as fresh as possible, you will get good results. None of the flavor or texture will be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you now know all there is to know about freezing fruit juice but in case you have any further questions, we have answered a few here. 

Can you freeze tomato juice?

Yes, you can and the best way to do it is in an ice cube tray. You could also freeze it in a plastic jar. Don’t fill the jar right up to the top as the juice will expand. 

What is the best way to freeze fruit juice if you only need a little at a time?

The best way is in an ice cube tray but you can also decant it into small containers. We only recommend that you use freezer bags if they are strong as you don’t want the bag to burst and make a mess in your freezer.

What happens when you freeze fruit juice?

Fruit juice expands as most liquids do, so don’t put the carton straight in the freezer without taking the top off. Don’t fill containers or slots in an ice cube tray right to the top.

Can you freeze grapefruit juice?

Grapefruit juice is not the best juice to freeze. It is best enjoyed fresh or within a few days. If you do have to freeze it, don’t keep it in the freezer for longer than a month.

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