Can You Freeze Double Cream?

Double cream adds a wonderfully silky and decadent texture to any dish you might have in mind, whether that’s savory or sweet. 

As you might guess from the name, double cream contains twice the amount of fat found in regular cream, at about 48% of the whole product. You might wonder how this will affect the freezing and thawing process.

While some dairy products are extremely easy to freeze, there are some which prove difficult, and the fats can separate from the liquids once thawed.

When it comes to freezing double cream, yes, it is possible to freeze it, but there are some things that you should bear in mind.

Should You Freeze Double Cream?

You can freeze double cream, but there are some drawbacks. For one, double cream will suffer a little separation, and the texture will change. 

It also means that you won’t be able to whip it when it’s thawed, so if that’s a problem, whip it before you freeze it.

When double cream is frozen, the fat molecules inside the cream stick together, when normally they are spread out. This is why the texture changes, somewhat noticeably.

You can freeze double cream, as long as you don’t mind the texture altering, and you can use it in dishes where the texture doesn’t matter, if you’re worried about it.

While double cream lasts quite a long time compared to single cream, thanks to the higher fat content, it doesn’t last forever. 

Freezing it does extend the shelf life by 1 to 3 weeks in total, so you need to make sure that you remember it’s in there.

How Do You Freeze Double Cream?

Don’t try to freeze double cream in its original pot or carton, as it could burst once the cream expands as it freezes, creating a very large mess.

Transfer the cream into a suitable airtight container. You can portion it if you want to, which makes both getting serving size right and defrosting it easier. 

Simply divide the cream between containers, or you can also use an ice cube tray if you’ve got a small enough amount, or if you want mixed portion sizes to be safe.

To freeze large amounts of double cream, decant it into an airtight container which won’t warp as it freezes. 

Leave some room at the top for the cream to expand, which will stop the container from bursting open. Seal it, label it, and freeze it.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Double Cream?

The only way of thawing frozen double cream is to transfer it straight into the fridge, within its container. Let it thaw at its own pace, and this could take a few hours, or it may take overnight to fully defrost. 

You’ll notice that the thawed double cream looks a bit watery, and much thinner than the fresh kind. This is because the fat and the moisture separates, so give it a really good mix before you use it, to encourage it to reconstitute.

It’s worth noting that some defrosted creams don’t whip well, and if you do manage to get it airy and fluffy, it will have less volume than fresh whipped cream. 

It can also turn out less smooth than you want, in which case adding a little sugar before you whip it can help.

Never refreeze double cream that’s been defrosted. The fat content within the cream will break down further, and this will cause a major drop in quality. While it’s still usable in some cases, it won’t be very pleasant.


Double cream does freeze better than single cream, but it does require careful preparation in order to get it to behave once you thaw it. 

If you skip the steps advised above, you’ll end up with disappointing thawed double cream, which might just resemble a watery mess.

Freezing double cream is a good option if you know you won’t use it within the next few days, but you should be careful not to forget about it while it’s in the freezer. 

It doesn’t have a great shelf life when frozen, and the longer you leave it frozen, the worse it will be when thawed.

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